HERE IS WHAT HOT FOOT DIGS: floods on mars, talking to real zombies, swimming in the desert, copper head snakes, UFOS above the Astrodome, LA DODGERS LOOSING, RINGO STAR talking backwards, space worms, KRLD, Cid Lasher, The Marlin Bulldogs in 1962, REDNECKS, barton springs, long island ice tea, KTRH , GLEN ROSE, HWY 6, PEEPING TOMS, THE PALUXY RIVER.

Panel 1

THE squids

Yes you guessed it the name is squid. Its for salty dogs,swabbies and other normal things related to the sea. How about ships that have things pointed or used to be pointed at Russia. How about those 4 hour watches. Or going to Pearl Harbor on a 747 and getting pie eyed . OR swimming in that crystal clear cool water, where there is pure white sand . U know a gang way that gets u on board.

Panel 2


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