o well

don’t be a jack ass and hAVE tempe  tatrum.  just suck it up and get a mo.  hells bells when back fill the crap out right and sign the  chinga . ok that’s the way to to things.  them construction morons been told o hes pissed off. better this and that.   Well screw the attention getting bone head.   be at ease hells bells – reason they did not call hand cuffs cause lofer been there a billion years.   Continue reading “o well”


ya bi da do the sky is falling

now just what is there to do.  there is some fake paranormal pictures of places in down town.  was think about try to find the ghost road, but now feel so tired . There is some thing creepy about tomorrow night Doing the same thing over and over again .  Some creatures that are so called guards have stickers on there wind shield. 

Don’t know about going get fish equip at the Walmart. Cause once u start this fishing trips where does it end.  In the sack or what ? That’s what that hammerly fat calls a bed.

There still lots of peeping Toms o  that Austin hwy.


naked kempwood dogs

That’s right there is such of a thing. aLL PEEPING toms like those, even Mexican labor brick layers.  Thast right the workers lay down on the grass near the wall of  shit made bricks near building 5.  Theses naked dogs get there and  smell thoses horny dicks.  So the dogs sex them Mexicans . That’s why they lift thoses 60 poud bricks made out of gray sand.

CNN has videos of the naked dogs sucking brick layers dick. Continue reading “naked kempwood dogs”