For nearly 2 fuckin weeks been want to met brain dead. On AND on it went. Go it said first don’t use skin well fell good,  then talked sex sex.  Then spossed to meet that at what ever .  Gofer was so non thinking bout skins.  That thing never showed up,  text the stinking rat no response.  Was a little chaped getting over it.

Those turds do that on that thing. Should had figured it out. Lies on lies .

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just not quite sure

Any way gofer lofer  had a good crash time but.  In sure if to be shake or get nervous.  If when wild west comes.  If get shakes it wont look good.  So buck up.   This ant no first time to get the wick wet . Yea got stoppers .  Mr, Brain says relax.  *** They ant like hidden condoms every where .*** There is a red under my bed and a yellow my in my head. So sings (the KINKS)goodboy

the hurricane in 1983

o yea many just going to stay , like fools. they don’t know what a strong hurricane will do. the last one was tried to be 110 mile a hour wind. just think what if  monster was out in the gulf and stronger and on.  its windy and dark cloud band starts forming.  then it rains sideways has a strange green blue color.  the wind sounds like a million freight trains.

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Comments on Things

There is a way to stop .  Its called cold turkey.  Just stop. What if on a certain day history is made.  Not fertilizing a egg. Peeps age cant. Any way the birds and the bees.  Yea this may not be for kids.  But they grow up fast theses days.  When it it takes to to tango .

John Lennon sang about getting away from speed or downers.  But its not about being a junkie . Who cares if Richard Starkey really did come here.  That would be news.  Yea this is what gofer thinks – first he could not believe it.  Looks like from far away. Continue reading “Comments on Things”

whats happening out there ?

yap   Gofer took that picture just now. Thats right.  Thats a top secret UFO right above kempwood , or could i be joking.   Its like this so and so giving out a number and saying phone sex seems that way . Who really knows.  Any way ringo star came by 9544 kempwood today . Thats right . Him and his wife went swimming in that pool  naked, Elton John , tricky dick nixon were there . And the holy president of Russia.

O Putin refused to get naked un till Elton gave him a kiss on the mouth.  Thats some kind of wild eyed pistal wave party . Gofer heard that song millions of times making boxs for soap. Continue reading “whats happening out there ?”