the years

may be done things when at Edge Wood Elementry the old school that is forgotten, squre dancing is one , walking back and forth on that trail many years ago. then some thing to do with who ever it was.  putting this on here wont do nothing.  The first news on Tv gofer thinks it was KHOU TV.

bad deeds from history

we all do stupid things and don’t think whats going to happen. may be skipping school will get u in deep trouble or telling el boss you know how to paint.  just to get a job in prehistoric times pig slop try painting.  then they decide to send a teacher of the now non existant Spring Branch High School to more or less do painting his way.

those days in the 1970s has nothing to do with now.


Hey if a interviewer for a job reads what you put about a wheel they may not like it. So what are you supposed to do : cry, walk 10 miles. paint curbs at West Texas State University.  Cause some one coned u for a silver dollar run naked across the parking lot.

naked kempwood

yellowHey Houston oiler fans that’s what a naked kempwood looks like. Except a earl Campbell the rest were stinking naked dumpster creatures.  That’s right gofer got up just to tell the world.  Now bozo boy with the dick 10 inches is getting sucked by Richard Starkey.  Richards wife is so good to gofer.  This is all a wet dream.