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Just whats them Mexicans doing now, Un dressing on the mexcan flag ? how about shooting sperm on it. those are good ideas.  how about meeting a colored and the hide there fat. utill in bed then shed the clothes here comes fat, personal hygene of a dead cow 


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o yes when boy-girl started to leave , bozo said suspended supposedly at 1o2. bozo  said that so gofer would be scared.  bozo will say any thing. right now gofer mad a big yawn. 

o yes memorial city mall 1972

That was  a long time ago. o but still that King Cobra malt brings memories out. Gofer o yes tried to take a Terry out to see diamons are forever. I know this sounds kinda silly these days cause were all grown up. Hells bells 45 years ago was what it was. Hey wish I would have scored o well. Never mind.  Yes Dave u were telling me right. I did knot no.  Any way need another beer. just a min. I still remember u tried to have me met some one that cared. I could not understand. Yea your Friend Anna long time ago, made it plain and simple. Any way gofer was some strange what ever just laying in bed, wanting – need more beer. No it was not Lucy but best friend.

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it gets affual old going to that place tomorrow. do some thing bring box of crap to put back in the boxes. who cares to eat a humburger and fries just stagnate and get stiff.  don’t u think the anti bozo got to move on. hells bells each week end the anti wants to know when it ends. heel bells wear sun shades and pretend. or get a short wave and find stuff, or the pocket pool game.


Hello just drive 7 or so hours, to the panhandle.  With out doing research about what to expect.  Then be in this room with the cowboy that don’t like city slickers.  Even more load up with crap that’s to much.  Cant get used to snow and ice. In FACT DONT PLAN FOR THE FUTURE.  O yes how to make money from blogs. Hells bells have to redo the entire site and use html.  But really get stopped by the badge on hwy 87.  They try to scare the hello out. Then eventually let u go.  Or try to out run a semi 18 wheeler,  end up side ways , the car all smashed to hell.  No gofer never did that chill out where is that lady from Knox City , Texas.

comments on stuff

Yesterday pancho ate so much turkey, so good though. then had to sleep. in the morning good crash. But did not have a secret shortwave radio from nasa. o they got em at Walmart.   But last a week . the best kind are used to be at that pace called passions. that was long time ago.  in fact fat man don’t like turkey. goes to the burger place and gets a hamburger and fries.  the paul guy made so many albums may be 15 beatle ones and 30 more. 

Parden me I unzipped my jacket,  next is the shirt. Yes even Patty Duke the church going , porn Patty Duke Show shows any thing.  Next is the blue jeans off.   For the cuties pretty men club gofer don’t wear panties.   Dan Blocker did not show a picture of being naked. Some zombie that hates bonanza did that.