SOME PEEPS MAY NOT LIKE what is written about there little town.  Day dreamer don’t know if the Brother John Burch Society is entricnced in all minds there.  But hard feet should have researched about the culture up there, before going there. Any way and also crab legs did not study up on the requirements on being a geo person . And also the kind of climate found in the panhandle.  And how many miles to drive.  And what there was to do besides books. And what if snow stuck.   That’s history though. Could have gone to Odessa,  to get some poon tang.  Or drank some shine a little when no one was around.


One thought on “CANYON,TEXAS

  1. gofer takes there hat off to all the over weight pig ladies that bs me in Dayton. no before gofer tried the bed with a colored lady, but she hid the fat. not much tits and bo from pussy. could not get hard. but put lots of come on the bed.


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