starter up news

This ant about trying to start a car with a dead battery.  no its about some one on first met. yea there kinda dark,  and wear sexy stockings hiding extra pounds.  In fact they have some pictures . they ant no coral snake no way.  just ask em what happened. gofer knows exactly. Got there kinda stressed nervous.  black has a 1400 rent place, keeps it nice and neet. well any way gofer took off there shoes, and sat down to eat.

Don’t know what kina of person they are but found out. Before eating said the blessing.  Then had food and cake.  Any way put the clothes bag in the room.  Climbed on the bed.

o had a choice  of things. had not had wild west in long time. should not had said the clit needs cleaning that’s the burnout.  Any way was not thinking right that was Monday when text said had good time but clit needs cleaning what ever I text   .  gofer found out never text that to a woman was a mistake, probably wont for get in a while.

so  there it like gofer is guilty for the next 30 fin years.  by that time they may be gone, o well . that’s what all this mess is about. Don’t like whats on here to bad so sad.

poor choices, ageless, not hard, no think, good clit action


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