time news

Hello, all u creatures going east or west on the Austin hwy, just creeping along.  That’s whats going to happen when a monster in the gulf comes for a visit.

Yea when some one says a strange story like—–there 32 years old and moved from OK., to   Avon Park, Florida.  With out parients and there lawer is giving them 1500 a month.  Sounds like a real story but wait.  O she is looking for a husband. Then she says she has lots of money,  and wants gofer to get a bank account. She keeps on saying if u trust me ill met u over where u are.  Bull shit on that o the money transfer for a fake amount and a fake lawer. Do that and your in deep trouble.

You know there are naked crabs at the bus 36 stop on kempwood. And reptiles taking a bath in buffalo bayou.

goobers dream, skid row monkeys, HURRICAN CARLA



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