F 1048 sample

Hey that ship is docked a the Hempstead road and 290   really it is . both the xo and queen Elton have been seen taking a shower together .  yes the poor old CO wants some homo action WITH BM1.  that’s BOATS SON MATE 1 . The real sample is de commissioned long time ago .  What a wonderful site when going to morning muster at the reserver center that E3 HAD TO see every one go to muster naked.  That’s right the year was 1981.  It was not against UCMJ to do that .  But there was points hard as a rock at muster.  What kinda of a Nav was that ? O its time to take jabs at that time to a certain situation.   Hey dead in the box u got me drunk and stripped off my clothes in front of morning muster.  O those days years ago trying to apply at EW and did, but had problems.   If they would had cut me loose automatic on active duty process.  All this is  just pig wallow.ELTON JOHN and the XO,  NAKED PETTY OFFICERS

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