brown stuff

that’s right gofer thought slow scum bag was going to lick the drawers clean last night.  u see pancho ate some stuff and had to take a el crappo  behind this thing.  but they used Lysol on the ground. but gofer for got to bring extra wipping paper. slom scum should have volen terered to lick the brown waste products clean .  since they do a excellent job of driving a golf cart.  there you go that’s a real good skill and dooorie checkieee is also.

yes crab grass has seen slim dogs great work driving a owners car  in fact there is 2 white cars.  could be related doubt it.  lets see lets give bozo a big hand great skills the el time automated, then 12 , then the wonderful 11 a hour.  no benefits no vacTION.

LETS see who goina hire bozo other that security cos   —– does it take a brain to fig it out.

so sorry they live at the ymca .    that’s all the bs security for now.

bozo the clown, 11 a hour, bs security


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