the next hurrican


In 1983 a Hurrican, went to Houston to visit .  The weather channel lied about how strong the wind was .  Some one sent the US Weather Station questing said it was nearly 130 miles a hour.  They said it was not 110 miles a hour but almost 130.  I remember on the holly hall street in Houston it was windy.  Then those storm clouds got like in a circle to the Gulf.  Yes these fools put rebar at the bottom some in the middle of a brick wall at 9540 .  Just wait see .

Any way that hurricane stayed in the Gulf getting stronger and stronger. It was not no 110 so called hurricane. That’s the last one it was a taste. The rain went side ways kinda dark lite green, the wind a strange terrible sound.

This time 130 mile a hour wind comes flood half of h town, nw h all flooded. Its best to leave before the hords get on 290.  Been there before , no a/c, its hot out side, just crawling, strange things when that kind of stress.

no fun and games, twisters in hurricans, flooding, creatures come for a visit


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