those tex mex places on kempwood

U know what the put in that food – cat shit, human waste products, rotten human flesh, cow brains, 100 pounds of salt, stink bait, rotten eggs, dead cats, frog sperm, battery acid, truck tires, grunt sounds, cow pies, human bones, tired eyes from Houston stink oilers, dead peeps at the blue lite cemetery, zombie feet.

Hey that’s all bull crap. A few times I ate at that tex mex place across from the clothes wash place on blalock . They had great food , it was fresly cooked. Not like mc donnals.

That mini burger place has the best burgers around . Good Service.   The dairy queen on Campbell has been there seems like since 1964.  That was when they tour up the spring branch country club on , Gessner.  Yes that did some thing. Cant you tell the 1965 Spring Woods Year Book, they were developing great football teams .  There was John Garrison, Joe Sibley, Dale Stafford. I for got the others.

Yea gofer knows a lot about the area.


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