the class effort

o yes how about going to blinn college  ? then some one con u in taking 16 hours. right after the summer exercise in painting then land scaping. hells bells that was too much.

what do u expect. u  going to make some bad marks cause of that. then it was hoilday time fix those lockers at notingham. then meet some girl with big tits. soon or later that fell apart fast scared.

lets come back to the books now never learned about too many hours to pass. or so this time went to a girls dorm and met shotgun willy. Any way bad marks again. just could not figure it out why bad marks.

o yes it was back to the paint shop work the ass off.  then it was sul ross in alpine or the panhandle cause of marks. egroo chose driving up there. there was problems first off cowboy ass kicker the excellent student. any way one attempt the c gpa. then every thing went to hell.  was not think of the future.  made worst marks possible so not go back.

thats the stupidest thing to do. any way re grouped and took courses any just to get a piece of paper. a second high school deploma.     none of this above happened. before that got coned to join nav”saying last chance for a skill”.  so fin blind.


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