o its so wonderful to sleep in a station wagon at scott street and hwy 59. its so safe at  night.  Then another adventure is waiting on the bus  on jensen drive right near the dog pound near mid night. Then walking down a street in nw part when a huge devil dog was going to jump the fence.  How about leaving real early cause of a hurrican. Gofer thought they could sneek out. O no on some road started slowing down crawling, then when the main line to Austin, things started going on. For one the sun came up . No a/c , it was hot out side, the humidity.

Theses creatures crawling along acting real strange.  Then gofer decited to give it a rest near lake lime stone.  But worn out tired sat on a bench. And not seeing a monster pet bull tied up , got closer, The devil dog knock the gofer down .  Gofer got up went to the bench still worn out.


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