kempwood mexcans at 9540

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

kempwood monsters have fun

Yea there is such a thing as monsters at 9542 kempwood.  But the address is rong.   There is this
china place that serves plastic food.  Thats right  they get the rotted wasted stuff from dumpsters.
First this Edna in corpus decides to drink beer on the beach . Then ufos above her beam her in
the craft.  Then ends up as naked food at the China place on Kempwood.  Well down stars she is
small probably taste like spring water from Austin.   Believe gofer cause bag lady on hammerly
said that.     Bet the food there is good just went there may be close to when a hurrican was comming.
Any way thats a made up story . But there was a bg on hammerly, and a lame brain in Corpus.
Gofer has references to this  just ask the peeps at gessner and hammerly back in 1972.

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