thats long long time ago


Thats right that stupid ass taking 16.  fin courses, and it was too many.  So what happened lowest g.p.a in history. O but no one told gofer other wise. So another mistake was made that weird o what ever .  Then it was time to land scape  and paint shop .  Gofer really did screw up laying the foundation .  Then gofer thinks it was driving all that way for a exercise  in rong ness . But before that supposedly met Alice some one. Spudder  out.  O yes the problem rong place at the right time.  Then comming back  found the stacey  company on sherwood. Tryed to do the elet side too slow then plastic pipe in the ground. Yea clumsely. Then in the warehouse. Gradually not there. Then went to AFFIES down town blind as a bat.  Gofer dont know who that clown is in the picture.


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