the rebuilt hovels

Again they put some kind of shit paper on the door.  O there telling the monsters that live here there checking for leaks.  Some one was standingbrter out side when that mexcan lady at  12 3 or 4 put that piece of shit on a door and they said though away that shit.

That moronic lady dumpster has to stop and know knock on the

great door  and take unbutton that shirt its a must.  Some dog will put there paw in the tits and feel of them thats right.  U are now

instruted to strip all the way and wallow in the shower. Put on the

water kinda warm.  There is no end on what the shit crap holy grail office will do to squeeze money out of u . Gofer has had a hard day .

Thats right .  Going to navation street, no thanks not at night.

It looks like grumby has to get a retarted bunny gunny card to get

dinero.  They brain wash u when u read that crap for that retarted

test.  Thats the reason it was so hard to think taking intro

computers when all u do is observe and report and not learn a

fucking thing.   All that fucking time wasted.  At that city of houston

dog pound (fear of failing).  That colet bull shit the wich.  Try to be

nice at the bus stop once . I told that witch to get lost.  I ant scared

of her bull shit. What she needs is wine and everclear. Of course a

big white dick in that black may be clean pussy i dont know if.

Feel like crap i use do a few min ago.   Hells bells may be that

place on  45  has some thing.  Dam sure would feel lots better.

I guess its ok to have black terry come over .  Probaply wants

me catfish to rub her and lick .  Or suck the head bad.

And put the white meat in it. Cum away . Im not saying ill do any of

this.  Any way where is  barbara that used to live on hammerly.

Probably married to a fat pig man .  Now i ant wiped the mule so i

let it heal its self.  That really hurts after u cum .  Yea its homo im

so sorry to say to the virgins in Spring Branch. Im one my self.

Since that hurrican. In fact i dont know if i can get hard. Probably

could with the right female.  Not no Sharon no way.  . No there is no lady

on a tv station near hwy x that jumps out of the screen and feels

the pecker. I bet het tits are pleasing to look at when she is kinda

naked. Well  i guess this is enough for now. Who wrote this crap ? It tells about adult organs coming in contact. PULLING SOME MULE. HOW FILE. PEEPS GOING TO READ , SO GOFER TOOK SELF OUT.


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