comments about 8801 hammerly

Hello every one  how was yesterday was it filled with energy to bearly touch the magic potty door.
Some times it got kida hot sitting in the Sherman Tank.   Thats right  the tank does to the bottom of
Lake Travis.   In fact i live in that tank.  Then  after drinking green tea and water i had to get in the
golf cart and go to the head and pp.   O there is this rino there that puts on a show thats right.
And gofer found out the lake needs more water.   No mistake about it thats a mexcan guard at 9541
kempwood.    Yes that tall checy door probably gets cosey with fat man . But tomorros the day ufos trans port me to there craft, cause its 1972, thats right that so called pep rally out side they got me tied to a pole, that in a box dead just now, tore off my panites. Now to the hole world im bear ass.  No one is going to read about this hand around my dong.

Between these 2 pictures is one naked of the pig on hammerly.


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