moon beam has sex

Yea its fun to make up things on here.  Preverts and hang ons like to read this. They must be east of here on kempwood.  Any way there is this man thats naked in a chair thats right.  O Sharon get here and take off your clothes.  O the first thing u glanse at is her stomak then look at the rest. O she lays on the bed ready for gofers dick.  Thats right.  Any way u all like to read about sex acts right.  Well the dick goes in all the way and lets out cum a lot. Should had done her but hole also as a treat. O once gofer cleaned it with soap and it was ok.  That sounds kinda grose but.  O going to hurst street in that town .  Well go east and there is the trailer house.  Yes there is a tv dogs cats.  And then go in that room and close the door.  Yes the dick needs pamering and in that pussy.  O years ago lofer decited to go near San Marcos. And there was a stream well he got naked and went in the water. Yes there was cows on the bank watching.  Yes it felt wonderful to choke the chicken then .  But its lacking meaning now a days. All this is not true at all.


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