Edna sex dog of corpus

U think Booz the clown is going to meet so and so down there, hell no.
Just go. Its house then wait in her drive way. Then its o love dove she thinks I’m in love. What a bull shit  story. Then its to a club o then to a motel . Hell no its too far and gofer might end up in corpus christi bay.   or that old lady would puck a wolf instead.  How about going to blue lite cemetery  .
Where there is some copper head snakes. Try sex. With a snake ,then a wild Richard
Cramer that retard wild beast from the football pep rally in 1972. Hate to down grade that place
At hammerly and gessner. There sure want no football status there. It looked like a real high.school
But if course gofer wanted to find out bg pussy felt like. O yea then more and more of
Flunking. Yea once that thing wanted gofer to take her to davy croket forests. That’s right
. Then gofer went to hip hugger this club on gessner. O the days of centerfold yes gofer went there.


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