here u go again colorado

hells bells u sure are desperate. hell i know why there is a walrus. is that blunt enough ? or do i have to go in to details . hell hey u u know the hole world reads these , if there any good. Yea fish tail has seen your hole picture. . Yo trying to hide.  Here are some standards.  Ok , walrus.  .5.7 feet tall and 130 or 40 . No lie about weight. No control freaks.  O yo got your crap plastered on that deal, o say u was sick.  Hey in detail for adults only.  At the messenger or some where.  Some so and so wanted to meet gofer.  Ok.  Then go to the door find out a walrus standing there. Almost went away  Went inside nervous at first.  Sat on couch with seen part of the line . Then had to strip naked .  Then  some unknown reason walrus put her finger in the back end, that hurt.  O then walrus put on pjs, looked better. This is how it went gofer tryies to remember.  Yes the rubber was worn at first, then not.Yea could had stayed two days of fucking and sucking but got tired of the fat.So there then go to a eat place to meet. But cant stay where am at till say so.  So be at a motel fat gets old fast.  But not having dick in side drive  gofer drive .  Last 4 hours .  So thats what im telling all yo peeps that read about the urge.  Hells bells meeting some one at that reunion for the out side.  Be good to ask for time date , bet say yes.


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