Which way out ?


Yea gofer has come to conclusion that learning geoscience is a little late in the game.If only by magic i was given 10 more years , idd think about it. Yea i know thats a picture of may be a glacher valley and the mts.  But really you have to taste rock salt and touch greesrock.  Just imerse your self learning.  Its not like being a lazy ass security guard, just bearly doing any thing for a long time.  Then get older and cant think.

Yea it takes like a burning desire to learn paleo, minerals, field mapping and what ever else.  Yes the start out pay is great,  but  being out side, some times dirty. Thats what they do.  Its not like going to  that security guard class to get a commission card.  Tough peeps dont last in the real world.


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