eaten alive kempwood


THATS RIGHT. eaten alive . there are these creatures at the guard  house  that do strange things . O yes once there was this crack head from new orleans  thats  right.  Well monster mash seen it . supposed ly a real cop or guard had crack head in a court yard.  The guard mard was investigating  less clothes on crack head.  o that sliime crack head yelled out help or some thing .  monster mash thinks a big peter went in side slime carack , no one cared.

Then another time this tatooed new orleans tramp was right next to gofer and had her hand  on the dick  and balls of gofer.  It felt so good.  Then gofer took tramp for a ride. To the front parking where its dark.  First it was the great head job. Then tramp had a tight pussy.  Gofer size went in  o so good.

Theses are all mad up or they real. Eaten by a shark, man gator eats lady,  spider gets sex with  fat colorado  walrus.


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