comments on fat ideas

if you dont like whats on here dont read it.  Any way there is this more or less a walrus, on first met.  Thats right from colorado.   O she dont want u to see what she really looks like untill u talk to talk to her a long time. Then she shows 2 pictures.   AND says she was at 300 pounds once and 5.7 feet tall. Then ask her what she ways, o she say i lost weight. O then gofer ask the weight  again — she dont know . Then walrus says the dr say 240.

Hells bells thats still over weight.  Lupie say ill pass.   Walrus was trying to run over a not know.  There is no way to meet such a creature that hides the weight problem.  Lupie went to the wood lands once, clean dishes in the sink, eating food late at night,taking loose weight , what ever else.  Then gofer found out walrus some times used a dildo. Yea the meat went in but that fat. The best deal was the head job. O woodlands was 230 and 5.7 feet tall.

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