Some peeps call it a bile duct. But the gull bladder produces bile that helps in

digestion. Once gofer  ate some thing it tasted bad then the went to the tub and tryed to through up there guts. There was some thing rong. So they walked to the store.  Every 15 feet they had to sit down and rest. Had breathing problems start. Then some strange tow driver took gofer to the store. Memory after is kinda fuzzy.  But could not move with out sharp dull pain though it was spreading. Any way should called  meat wagon . Tryed to go to lbj got disoreanted. Finally got there. They too gofer in so fast, any way. Got transfred to op bed. Led in to this pure medical room. Gofer saw this big hand with mask.

Then woke up hurting like hell all med time. The first two nights it was like being in hell.






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