timless effort

1978 gofer was at stacey  electric company

1980 the bag lady said was at mikes house when really have sex with a mex got pg had tubes tied.   gofer lofer took that test to see if fit for milt service .  i guess gofer went through hell 8 or 9 weeks. then after ward got wasted.  Then it was off to medi school

in the beginning cool.  but sat in that class not stay awake .  So became a sn. could not figure out .

1982 or 3 met Tod Hall and everingham.   One help be a Sk3. Went to the last go round by self  .still went to bag lady  and sex. then airline drive

1983 the hurrican a week after by by ew . Then lazy ass  brain dead so called work

.1995 or 6 dog pound jensen drive

1995  40 miles a hour got hit



2009 to near lufkin met sharon , had to have wild west

2009 GANG GREEN GULL BLADDER OUT,  FIRST DAY thought i was in hell second day

got  better , got back felt like a zombie meds

2009 sweet water guard last one staNDING



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