all the girls

O yes it starts with the bag lady on hammerly .  The one that had a picture on google. All kinda over weight and sweating.  Yea the days of the future have passed.  Gofer thought the bag was the best.  Then  it was going to airline drive for future in and out.   Kathy Witmire closeed  em down.   How about the mini movie houses on hwy 6 .  O yes then

the hip hugger on gessner that was in the 1970s.  But gofer could not get enough of hammerly bag lady .  Then finding out what the  certain club was near hwy 290 . After the bs at those places it was the rodieo from Knox City, Texas . Gofer could not believe. some one 350 miles away wanted to see bull riders . But it was true .  Gofer wanted to go but some one wanted me to stay with them  on OST .  It was not a safe place but got to ride the saddle . Then got a private show on web cam.   This lady lost some pounds and looked so good .


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